What is XOBXOB?

XOBXOB is a simple cloud service that makes it easy for your projects to join the Internet of Things.

How does XOBXOB work?

XOBXOB creates small mailboxes (XOBs). Things can send and receive messages through a XOB. By sharing XOBs, things can send messages to each other. Simple.

What's an example of a XOBXOB project?

How about an internet-connected light switch that you can turn on/off from your smart phone? It's basic, but gives you the main idea. You can visit our projects section to see some detailed examples.

But, what's with that name?

Well, XOBXOB (pronounced zob-zob) happens to be BOXBOX, backwards. We kind of liked that.

How do I get started?

First, sign up for an account. Then, check out the sample projects and resources. Then make and connect something!

What makes XOBXOB different from other services?

Around XOBXOB we're focused on simple. From signup to sample projects to tools, we're trying to make it all easy. So you can focus on your project, not the technology.

Do I need to program to use XOBXOB?

Strictly speaking, to make projects, yes. But, XOBXOB is designed so you don't have to be much of a programmer. Check out our projects section to get a better idea what it takes.

What "things" do I need in order to use XOBXOB?

First, you need a thing connected to the Internet. The thing can be physical, like an Arduino. Or, virtual, like a web browser on your smart phone or laptop. Even though you only need one thing, XOBXOB is actually more interesting if you have two things, like an Arduino and a smart phone.

Do I need an ethernet shield on my Arduino?

Well, you can use an ethernet shield. But if you're just experimenting, we have a way to simulate having a shield (hint: check out the Blink:Arduino + Connector project).

Can I use platforms other than Arduino?

Absolutely. Anything that can connect to the Internet can use XOBXOB. If you're experienced, you can use the RESTful API. But we're working on libraries and sample projects to make it simple to use platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. So stay tuned.


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Blink Ethernet Project
Blink WiFly Project
Blink Connector Project
Scrolling Message Project


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